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1864 Fund

Non-Traditional Founders & Markets | Seed Stage Opportunities | Economic Diversification & Development

1864 is the year that our home state, Nevada, joined the Union. We were “battle born” into the US Civil War as a key and influential resource in the defeat of the Confederacy. Join our Battle Born tradition as an investor or founder.

We like to lead deals in the “gold zone” and syndicate with partners all other regions except “no go” metros, where deals tend to be over priced

Our Focus

We believe that value and talent found outside of traditional venture enclaves (California, Massachusetts, New York) present an exceptional return opportunity absent provincial exuberance.





  • Portfolio Diversification independent from traditional equity or fixed income investments
  • Early access through StartupNV’s extensive network
  • Nevada investments matched 1:1 (up to $300K) by the State of Nevada through exclusive SSBCI funding
  • Support for entrepreneurs, job creation, economic diversification and growth impacting Nevada and the American West

Why invest in 1864?


As a $10M seed-stage fund, The 1864 Fund is affiliated with StartUpNV’s programs supporting early-stage companies and founders. The Fund is based in Nevada but invests regionally. We partner with local economic development authorities to maximize the access founders from the American interior have to capital. Investments are generally between $250K and $500K in rounds from $500K – $2.5M.